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Viticole Tasting Glass

The INAO (Institut National des Appelations d'Origine) has long been the designer of a tasting glass for serious wine buffs. It is in general use in Europe. Until now, we could offer only the hand-blown INAO glass. But recently a manchine-made glass of the has proportions has come on the market. It is 6 inches tall and holds 7 1/4 ounces. A slightly larger glass of the same general proportions is also shown below. It holds 10 1/2 ounces and stands 6 7/8 inches tall.

# 9909 The INAO glass is $3.75 each in small retail quantities (plus shipping). If these are ordered by the case of 3 dozen, the price is $2.75 each (plus shipping).

# 9910 The larger glass shown on the right, is $5.50 each in small retail quantities. It comes packed 2 dozen to the case and the glass sells for $4.50 each when purchased by the case (plus shipping).
Viticole Glasses

Lead Crystal Goblets Durand Lead Crystal Goblets

These wine glasses from France are evidence that the French are taking their glasses as seriously as they do their wines. "A tasteful glass for the taste of wine," is their guideline. They gave careful attention to the size and shape of the bowls, the thin rim, the diameter of the mouth, even the diameter of the foot. These are hand blown of 24 percent lead crystal, and attractively boxed in pairs. The larger of the two serves water or wine equally well. The smaller one is useful either for red or white wine. They are produced by Crystal d'Arques, a segment of the gigantic ARC International.

# 9205 OEnologue Goblet...holds 12 1.4 oz...8 in. tall

# 9206 OEnologue Wine Glass...holds 10 oz...7 1/2 in. tall

Box of 2, either style, $20.00

Plus Shipping

Signature Stemware

These two glasses are made in France by J. G. Durand, a firm that has recently changed its name to Arc. They're known as "blown glass," and are handsome glasses with good feel and nice stems.

# 8313 Signature Flute ...holds 6 oz.......8 1/4 in. tall
# 8312 Signature Goblet ...holds 12 3/4 oz.....7 1/2 in. tall

Each $6.00

Plus Shipping

Durand Signature Stemware

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